Carpentry is the trade used to make building structures, furniture, ships, bridges and many other items using wood. Carpenters therefore cut, shape, design, join and decorate wood which is then used to make different things. Carpenters are becoming more and more sophisticated as the days pass by given the emergence of modern ways and machinery that eases their work. This has left them with the time and mental capacity to come up with better designs for different things. The level of sophistication of the carpenters depends on their use of technology and modern devices as well as embracing new ideas in the sector.

Becoming a carpenter

There are a number of ways through which one can become a carpenter. The first is through attendance of a carpentry school or technical training institutes that has a course on carpentry. This training is essential for everyone who would like to become successful carpenters since it gives the foundational skills required to excel in the field. This training also ensures that you have formal recognition as a trained carpenter and therefore it makes it easier for people to trust your skills. Secondly, you can become a carpenter through apprenticeship. This is where a person who would like to become a carpenter works under the supervision and direction of a qualified carpenter to learn the skills and tricks of the trade. One starts as an apprentice before becoming a journeyman and after gaining a lot of experience, one then becomes a master carpenter. In most countries, this is the preferred mode of learning since you not only acquire the skills but also gain experience. It is common practice to learn through apprenticeships in the west midlands. After the training, one may look for a job with different carpentry firms to gain experience. However, there are those who set up their own companies after the training.

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Why become a carpenter?

One of the top reasons why people become carpenters is their passion for creating wooden objects or things. This passion may manifest early in life or with time, after exposure to the industry. Secondly, one may become a carpenter if they have exposure to a carpenter they admire such as a close relative or family friend. In other cases, people may join the industry just to make ends meet. However, despite the reason for joining the trade, with commitment, discipline and curiosity, it is possible to establish oneself as the go to carpenter in the region. Keep in mind that even carpenters can specialise in a specific field such as cabinet making, wooden ceiling installation, furniture making and many more. Specialisation gives the carpenter to learn a lot about a specific area which increases their chances of becoming an expert in their chosen area of specialisation.

Other popular trades

Besides carpentry, one may choose to become a mason or builder, a painter, tailor, sculptor, metalwork specialist or expert and many more. Remember that it is not all about making money but also what talents you may have and how you can use these talents to make a living. The decision should also be guided by passion since without passion, commitment dwindles over time making it harder for you to be recognised as an expert in the chosen field.