In the US, carpentry is practically carried out by males. With an about 98.5% men carpenters, carpentry was been considered as the 4th most male-dominated occupation in nation way back in 1999. Whereas, in 2006 there were an about one point five million positions that were been offered.

Carpenters are usually the primary tradesmen on employment and the most recent to leave. They usually framed post-and-beam constructions up to the termination of the nineteenth century. Timber Framing is now the term used in this old fashioned carpentry. Carpenters acquire this craft with the contribution of apprenticeship training that lasted usually for four years. Also, one will be qualified by successfully passing the nation’s competency test given by the department of labour in selected places like United Kingdom, United States of America and South Africa. Thus, by acquiring a direct experience other than attending and participating in programs for training, it is very common that the skills can be learnt.

Use of terms in the United Kingdom

In United Kingdom, carpentry is appropriately used in describing the expertise in first fixing of wooden materials. This includes construction of house’s parts like roofs and floors and areas that are usually concealed in a fully completed building. First fix work is the primary work that takes in place before plastering, applying a heavy coat for foundation. Second fix, the item construction of entrances, skirting boards and architraves also hails from carpentry.

Shuttering is the term for the skill of creating formwork for poured, or in situ, concrete. While wood is the main material used in the field of carpentry, the construction of walls with the use of metallic studs and tangible formwork that contains reusable metallic forms is regarded as carpentry skill.

Wood Carpentry

Wood is considered as one of those oldest materials of mankind. From the stone age, bronze age and iron age, the capability to shape wood was been greatly enhanced with the advance in technology.

In the dawn of neolithic period, for about seven thousand years ago, water well casings served as the ancient archaeological proof of carpentry. These casings were built with the use of fragmented oak timbers that contains mortise and tenon and uneven angles dig out in Eastern Germany.

Only bit of information concerning carpentry is presented from pre-history or even from current centuries. The knowledge and abilities that were been handed down from one person to the other was not widely distributed through writing. It was up to the time that the printing press was developed in the fifteenth century, when constructors started to habitually publish directors such as guides and pattern books in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Vitruvius, ten books jointly titled De architectura is the ancient complete architectural manuscript that is still surviving.

Nanchan Temple, constructed in the year seven hundred eighty two, is one of the ancient, surviving buildings that are made of wood. Others are the Greensted Church from the eleventh century and the stave churchs from the twelfth and thirteenth centuries in Norway.


Carpentry needs programs for training that prioritize both gaining practical knowledge and on hand experiences for physical practice. From an apprentice where a carpenter starts his official training, he turns into a journeyman. And by having sufficient experience and capability, he can be able to be a mastercarpenter. Nowadays, trainings for pre-apprenticeship are offered by the programs from the non-union vocational like community colleges.

Laborer, someone engaged in manual labor, informally may work together with carpenters for a couple of year in order to learn the skills through act of observing and peripheral assistance. Carpenters may possibly work for a manager or for themselves. In some US states, without regard to where or what kind of programs for training one has had, they oblige contractors to be licensed professionals by undergoing and passing a written test and acquiring least possible levels of insurance.

Carpentry schools and programs

In the field of carpentry, formal training is accessible with the help of conferences, certificate programs, online classes, more developed college degrees, and in the fields of prevention carpentry. These programs are referred to as training for pre-apprenticeship.

Cabinetmaking and construction-carpentry are the two primary divisions of trainings. Beginners in each of the given divisions devoted an almost thirty hours a week for twelve weeks in the seminar rooms and participated indoor workshops gaining knowledge in areas like mathematics, trade terminology and proficiency in the application of hand and power tools. Trainees in construction-carpentry are also engaged in calisthenics, light exercises designed to promote general fitness, in order to prepare them for the work physically.

Trainees, who completed and successfully passed the program upon the accomplishment of pre-apprenticeship, are directly tasked to a resident union and to the carpentry crew’s union. They are assigned to work on sites of construction or in cabinet shops as 1st Year Apprentices.

Apprenticeships and Journeymen carpenters

Merchants in countries like Australia and Germany are mandated to fulfil a prescribed apprenticeship to be able to work as a professional or specialized carpenter. After completion from this formal apprenticeship, he or she is regarded as a journeyman carpenter.

From the nineteenth and twentieth century, the journeyman toured to the other spot or region in order to gain additional knowledge that can widen his understanding to the styles and techniques in carpentry. In contemporary periods, it is not obligatory for them to travel. This term now is referred to as a level of expertise and skill.


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carpentry. Carpentry is a special skill that requires setting up construction materials. Shaping and cutting in the process of making concrete frameworks like buildings, ships and bridges are some of its main requirements.

Carpenters, as the artists in this field, are responsible for the roughest handwork. Traditionally, they worked with the use of ordinary woods but nowadays a lot of resources are also used.


The term “carpenter” is the English translation of the old French term carpentier, the word derived from the Latin carpentrius. In British informal language consisting of words and expressions that are not considered appropriate for formal occasions, carpenter is referred as


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